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Seychelles What to do: Seychelles Art- Tom Bowers

Tom Bowers Sculpture:
Blog post from Ellen Bowers.

Tom Bowers was born in London in 1936.

At an early age he was fortunate enough to spend some of his time in the countryside, where he used riverbed clay to form some of the African animals that he dreamed of seeing one day.

Tom was fortunate to gain his first employment, at the age of 14, with a taxidermist. During this employment Tom was given the opportunity to study the bone structure and musculature of many different species.
Tom Bowers Sculptures Seychelles

He later enrolled into the local art college, where he studied both sculpture and graphic art. During his time at college he gained an interest in photographyand spent some time at a specialist college of photography and film in Guildford.

Tom then made the decision to work freelance in the advertising world, opening a photographic studio in London.

At the beginning the work consisted of photographing fashion, cars, jewellery, drinks, for magazine and; newspaper adverts, as well as room sets and; specialist items for corporate brochures, but eventually evolved into mainly food and drink photography, including T.V. commercials.

Tom never lost his sculpture skills, as advertising agencies would ask for ’props’ that were not available anywhere and Tom used these skills to aid them.

Discovering a product that was developed for the military as an emergency repair material, and was perfect for producing items quickly –he began once more to make sculpture that pleased him. As he never wished to be an ’old photographer’, he made the decision to go back to sculpting, possibly in a place of natural beauty.

During this time he took the family on holiday to the Seychelles (1981) and was captured by the beauty and lifestyle of the people.

After a few more visits, and researching plans for the future in Seychelles, he and the family were convinced that there was a quality of life to be found in a developing country with so much to offer.

The move was made in 1986, leaving behind colleagues who were perplexed that he could give up so much to go to a remote location where, in their eyes, there was nothing.

Tom is still using the same material to make the original sculptures and from these a mould is made to produce bronzes of top International quality in limited editions.


Chalets d' Anse Forbans encourages its guest to enjoy the sculptures and visit Tom's studio to see more. In our reception area at Chalets Anse Forbans we are very proud of our first artwork of Tom. Do look out for a Turtle all panel.

Chalets Anse Forbans Proud sponsor of local Seychelles Industries: Tom Bowers Sculpture studio.

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